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Are your trailers manufactured in the USA?

Yes, all Sure-Trac Trailers are proudly manufactured in the United States.

Made In USA

Can I buy Sure-Trac Trailers factory direct, and can I get a price quote?

We sell our product through an exclusive network of authorized Sure-Trac dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

Click on the link below to find the dealer nearest you and to inquire on price and delivery.

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How do I buy Replacement Parts for Sure-Trac Trailers?

Parts are sold through our Sure-Trac dealer network.

Click on the link below to find the dealer nearest you.

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Does the Sure-Trac Trailer carry a factory warranty?

Yes, with our industry-leading 3-Year warranty, you can be confident we will stand behind your Sure-Trac trailer for years to come. All warranty and service work is handled through your authorized Sure-Trac dealer. Actual warranty documentation can be downloaded from the link below:

How Can I register my New Sure-Trac Trailer for warranty coverage?

The preferred method is to fill out your warranty registration form on- line on this site.

Otherwise, Click on Link below for Warranty Registration Form:

Warranty Registration

Are Tires included in the Trailer Warranty?

Tire warranty issues are handled separately by the Tire Manufacturers and Distributors. Contact your dealer for details.

Are wholesale and retail financing options available for Sure-Trac Trailers?

Retail Financing options are available from many of the Sure-Trac dealers through Sheffield Finance. This can vary by individual Dealer, so contact your dealer for details.

Wholesale Financing Options for dealers are available for Sure-Trac Trailers through both GE Finance and Northpoint Finance.


What is the difference between GVWR and Payload?

GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is the total weight capacity of the trailer, including the actual weight of the trailer and its max payload. Payload is the amount of weight that can be carried on the trailer -- calculated by GVWR less the actual weight of the empty trailer.

Where can I find my VIN Sticker for my Sure-Trac Trailer?

The VIN is on a placard on the tongue or on a forward driver side location on the frame on your Trailer. If the VIN sticker is missing from your trailer, please contact your nearest dealer to organize a replacement.

What is the estimated Tongue Weight on Sure-Trac Trailers?

Trailers are generally designed with an approximate tongue weight of 10% (of the total trailer weight) on bumper pulls and 15% on Goosenecks.

Will the trickle charger on the dump keep my battery fully charged?

No. It helps maintain a working charge throughout the day, but battery should be fully recharged after use utilizing a battery charger.

What Hydraulic Fluid should I be utilizing in my Sure-Trac Dump Trailer?

Sure-Trac Utilizes AW32-Non-foaming, but any basic Hydraulic Fluid will suffice.

Exclusive Sure-Trac Steel Prep
Steel Prep

Your finish is only as good as your prep–it doesn't get any better than this. Our exclusive Steel Prep technology ensures the highest quality and delivers the best value for your investment.

Request A Brochure
Request a Brochure

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Sure-Trac EverLinkTM
High Performance Wiring Harness
Sure-Trac EverLink(TM) - High Performance Wiring Harness

This advanced automotive rubberized weatherproof full frame wiring harness system has better connections creating a cleaner installation and protects wires from abrasion � in turn, protecting your investment. Look for it exclusively on Sure-Trac trailers at your local dealer.

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